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Re: 91 200q low oil pressure

Scott M. wrote:
> Well, going with a larger hose and/or a longer length hose
> normally would result in a pressure drop through the
> system.

Larger hose=less drop, longer hose=more drop--in general.

> Having 3.25 bar of pressure should be more than
> adequate. Is this second oil cooler installed in parallel
> with the original stock cooler setup? Is the oil thermostat
> on this second cooler designed to open at the same
> temperature as the stock oil cooler thermostat? If it is,
> when these two t/stats open up, you have got two sets of
> lines, coolers etc to pump the oil through which should
> cause a drop in pressure with all other things being equal.

Not quite. Adding another cooler _in parallel_ will reduce the pressure
drop of the system, all other things being equal. Think of adding a 5
ohm resistor _in parallel_ with a 5 ohm resistor. The way the problem
reads to me, the two coolers may have been plumbed in series.

> Scott M.
> 89 200TQ
> > 91 200 STEADIA3qw

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'86 4ks that has and doesn't need a cooler
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