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Re: '91 200TQ test drive

On Fri, 5 Sep 1997 23:22:20 -0500, Phil Rose wrote:

>Thanks for all the replies from listers to the post about my "quattro
>quest". That particular '90 200TQ is out of contention 'cause....I just
>test-drove a for-sale '91 200TQ. It's a much, much nicer car (CD player,
>Audi Cellular, ski boot) with lotsa new components (timing belt, front
>rotors/pads, v-belts, Boge Turbo front shocks) and also ran well (1.6-1.7
>max boost indicated). However, I am left with a few (at least) questions
>about it:
> [ ... ]
>Thanks for any info.

I've read your concerns. The car is complete _cr*p_! Don't touch
it!  Just tell me were it's located and I'll make sure they don't
bother you again. Hope this warning arrives in time!

DeWitt Harrison    de@aztek-eng.com
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq