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83 Ur Q

 Just looking for some advice on the 83 Q Coupe my son and I acquired
this spring. It's been a really great car so far and a hoot!!! The Quattro
club here in Colorado have been enjoyable as well. Pikes Peak and all have
been a lot of fun.
 The car we acquired was lovingly maintained and cared for by it's
original owner in San Jose. He spent big $ on the car in upgrades as well.
That brings up my question.
 The original owner spend big $ installing a K24 water cooled turbo
including after run water pump and all with a Schrick asymmetric cam
computer work and all. After all of that the turbo response is not what I
would have expected. The car runs very well at higher engine and road
speeds but builds boost very slowly! The car also has the ABT gauge set up
with a VDO boost gauge and this confirms the "Seat of the pants" feeling. I
have owned several other turbocharged cars... We have a SAAb now we have
had Chryslers, Buicks, Ford's and a "Z" car that were all turbocharged and
always had the same thing in common. The boost came on with a vengeance
when it started. This car will eventually developed 10 - 12 lbs. but only
at about 4000+ RPM. at 25 - 3500 we are looking at 5 - 7 lbs. Not really
enough to feel a seat of the pant's boost from.
 Isn't this abnormal?
 Just today I went and had the exhaust modified. Removed the Resonator and
had a 
"low restriction" muffler installed. It looks good (Chrome Tip's) sounds
good but really didn't do much for the boost. I suspected that maybe there
was excessive restriction.
 The other thought I had was the wastegate. Is it possible that it is
not seating properly and allowing boost to bleed off? I don't really think
there is anything wrong with the turbo as it doesn't leak or use any oil it
isn't noisy and it will eventually build up sufficient boost.
 Anyone out there know a procedure to check this out. BTW it had a
higher tension spring installed when the turbo modification was done.
 Any advice would be appreciated.
   Rob Husak

  E-mail from: Ronald J. Husak, 06-Sep-1997