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Re: No low beams

Before you go out and spend the approximately $275 (list+installation) for the
combo switch as I had to recently.  I was out of town and in a blizzard and
really did not have a choice but to go to a dealer who helped me graciously, but
possibly needlessly.   I took the old switch home and it seemed fine but left it
at that.  A few months later the same problem happened.  Lights go on normally,
then used the brights, dropped to low beams for oncoming traffic and wow, NO
lights.  Bet that oncoming car was wondering.  Anyway, I pulled the air bag,
wheel and the combo switch only to find that the original problem is the large
lamp connector closest to the handles.  The mount for the line that goes to the
relay for high-low was partially melted and the connector had melted plastic in
it.  Wiggle it and the lights returned to normal.  I disassembled, cleaned, and
tightened the connector and all seems fine.  Might save you a lot of $ or DMs and
some frustration if your expenditure doesn't fix the problem.

AVincitore@aol.com wrote:

> Dewitt in another post mentioned this problem. I have exactly the same
> problem in my 88 5ksw. I haven't had a chance to diagnose but it probably is
> that combo switch
> which should cost about 80 kazillion duetchmarks. And just when I am ready to
> sell the car to........
> Andrew

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