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4kq suspension quesiton

Does anyone have any recommendations for good, but not really expensive, 
high performance suspension for an '86 4kq?  The other day, I noticed a 
rattling sound had developed in the right front wheel.  I looked up in 
the suspension and found a piece of a coil spring laying in there.  
AAAAHHHH!!  What a nightmare!  I wasn't planning on putting new 
suspension on the car anytime soon, but I guess now is a better time 
than any.  Also, the car has always sagged a bit in the back.  Is there 
any way to fix this problem?  I don't want to make the car too low, 
because I still want to be able to get around in the winter.  Is it 
possible to just replace the coil springs for now?  If so, does anyone 
have any suggestions?  I would appreciate any feedback.

Tom B.
Pittsburgh, PA
'86 4kq
'89 200tq