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Re: attn UK-URQ listers--need advice

>>      Sanburn, a little disorganized but very friendly. Great place if your
>>      looking to buy a "used" part for fault finding. You should try here
>>      for that exhaust, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised by the price
>>      if they have one.
>Ask for "Dave who knows quattros".  Best visited in person.

Oh God!  I had a horrid phone call with Dave "who knows all about your
order". I expect delivery of a panel from Sanburn this week. I started
talking to them in March or maybe April. Admitedly this delay is not
entirely Sanburns fault & I am in Australia, but they are not the most
responsive organisation. I fully agree that they are friendly and most
definately cheap, but you'd better be patient.

>>      In the Audi/VW classifieds there is always a fairly large ad for
>>      someone advertising "I HAVE the largest sstock of second hand quattro
>>      turbo parts in the country...". Anyone on the list done business with
>>      this place, no name or company given therefore I've never called.
>What was the number?  In general, I would advise _EXTREME_ caution buying used
>parts in the UK - at least four ur-quattros have been stolen and have
>disappeared during the last four months.  I am currently negotiating to buy a
>stolen engine from the insurance company who paid out on it.

Thats Kim from Quattrosports, far more responsive than Sanburn but twice
the price.
Seems to know what he's talking about, but I understand that  there is some
controversy surrounding  Quattrosports. No problems in my experience, but I
havent paid any money & I certainly defer to our very experienced &
knowlegeable UK listers.


John Firkins