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C-GT clutch slave UPDATE!

I got the tranny off, but didn't get the slave cylinder off yet. 
Because of this, I cannot set the tranny all the way onto the ground.

Turns out, the slave cylinder looks like it is "pinned" on.  The only
thin I can see is this metal tube which is above it.  Wait!  Actually,
there was this piece of heavy wire that was clipped into the hole of the

Did the wire hold the slave on?  Can I just give it a tap, and it'll
come free?

I don't want to have to bleed my clutch!

But at least the tranny's out, not bad for 2:00pm to 5:18pm, one man,
first time!


Ken  (I'm off to Pep Boys now to get a clutch alignment tool.  Prepared,
huh?  Is there anything I need to know about getting one?  Like, they
don't have Audi one's, but a VW one will work?  Or anything like that?)
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