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CQ Battery...

Hi everyone,

Now that I'm back in the U.S., the CQ's battery has died during the 4 month
period it was left alone...I tried charging it to no avail...

Has anyone got any suggestions other than Sears? They've got a DieHard
International for $ 79.95, supposedly with the side vents...I've currently
got the original battery in the car, with a 4 inch long clear tube that drops
down vertically from the top of the battery, which would then allow the
electrolyte soln. to vent down into this metal "tray", where the battery
sits. Is there really a benefit to this? I remember that the 5000/100/200
bodies have the vent from the battery under the rear seat, that vents to the
outside directly, while this, upon a quick glance, vents to the tray only...

What about going OEM...since the Autobahn battery did quite well until a few
months ago, (assuming it wasn't changed by the previous owner <1993) and
considering my discharging it completely 3 times, by mistake, over the last

You can respond directly if you feel like it...


Dorab (nivi@aol.com)