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Re: Ate PowerDiscs was: Seeking illumination and advice!> <<snippage>>

> Ramana Lagemann (mailto:elmool@tiac.net) has a set of the ATEs on the
> front of his CQ. They look cool, ask him how they work. Also, talk to

They definitely look cool... and seem to run cool. Being the Master
Brake Expert that I am ;*) I can say that they seem to have the best
characteristics of drilled rotors without the downsides. The overall
structual integrity is maintaned, excess material (read: heat-sinking
material) is not shed, plus they don't get clogged like X drilled
rotors, so air cooling is better and water has a better path of exit so
braking response in the wet is much better. Another advantage- anyone
can tell when their rotor is out of life... 

> Bob D'Amato (mailto:mx@snet.com) about drilled rotors. Another source is
> Paul Weston at Weston Motorsports (610.558.0631), who is more than
> willing to share his extensive knowledge of brakes with you. HTH.
> - -Ian Duff.
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>         Subject:        Seeking illumination and advice!
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>         Also... is anyone using those Ate Power Discs, particularly at
> the track, and
>         with what kind of pads? 

I have been using Rofren Pads...
> I understand they are available for the front but notthe back... correct? 


>Anyone have any good/bad experience with a
> particular type
>         of rotor in high performance applications?

I drive my car quite hard on the street... (I didn't make it to the
track at LRP 'cos of my tranny...) and I have gotten the brakes quite
hot-- not so much that they are smoking but enough so that you can't
touch the wheel. They, as well as the pads have held up very well...
pads don't glaze (except for the rears at Mt. Wash!!!) and the
"integrity has been maintained"...
* Ramana Lagemann		          	
* Cohasset, MA			 
* mailto:elmool@tiac.net
* 1990 Coupe Q