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RE: 16" Rims on 4kq's

I don't doubt it...as I've seen what happens when things regarding
lowering and tire sidewall heights, are taken too far for street use.
Really becomes to impractical.


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> Mark Nelson wrote:
> > 
> >         Changing the suspension and tires is not going to cause
> problems
> > on the car...quite the opposite in fact.  The handling of the car
> should
> > be greatly improved as well as traction.  The original intention on
> > these cars was to make them comfortable_to_drive.  It doesn't hurt
> > anything, other than the ride, to change the suspension setup on the
> > car.
> > >
> 	Yes it does !!! Changing the suspension as you describe is not a
> bad
> idea if the following is remembered,the factory spends lots of money
> to
> make theese cars as safe as they can.
> 	By changing the profile of the tire (less side wall) the car
> will
> handle better up to a point and then will break away with less warning
> than the factory setup.I know this sounds like your father talking but
> I
> have seen the results.
> turbo