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Heater Blower Motor Audi 100 (5000?) / Radiator inlet

A request for info. re replacement of the above to alt.autos.audi newsgroup
led to a helpful suggestion from someone to look at your Site/List and I
wish I had found it a long time ago. Bye Bye alt.autos.audi, - a less than
informative forum !

I am aware this topic has been explored at length in the past, but may I
just ask if anyone has the location in the Archives of the main modus
operandi for getting at this motor- I' ve located various refererences to
use of various butchery equipment etc. but can't seem to find the original.

The motor was working only intermittently, but I've tried some 'keyhole
surgery' through the air inlet into the motor and cleaned it out as far as
possible and, touch wood, it runs OK at the minute. The feed wire to this
motor gets fairly warm when it's running at full speed - any views as to
whether this is normal ? 

A replacement motor from official Audi dealer here in UK costs GBP 130;
from one of the biggest specialist VW/Audi suppliers about GBP 75. I got
one from the local scrapyard for GBP 10, and will get it checked over re
brushes etc. as a backup.

Re the recent post re broken radiator inlet, the same thing happened to me
and our local Audi dealer (and I asked both a Parts man and a mechanic)
suggested nothing would fix it but a new radiator at the usual megabucks
price. I rang round a few specialist radiator companies and found one said
they would try to repair it if I took them the radiator. This they did with
epoxy glue and a threaded brass tube for about GBP 8 and it's held OK for
about 18 months now. Most Audi dealers I have come across here are only
interested in selling very high value new and used cars and have a fairly
sneering attitude towards owners of older Audis who are not willing or able
to pay their outrageous parts and labour prices.


David Boyd
('91 100 Avant; '86 90CD; two ancient VW Polos; '79 Minivan in pieces; Ford
Transit motorcaravan)
 Cumbria UK