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RE: My 90Q wants to retire

Check the regulator on the alternator.  The brushes have a common
tendency to wear out causing this problem.  Both my 5ktq's had this
exact same problem.  You can replace it with a genuine Bosch unit (i.e.
$$$), or with an exact copy of a Bosch made somewhere in Asia for about
$10.  HTH!


-mark nelson


My 90 Q has suddenly developed a case of no-turn-over-itis!  I took it
yesterday for a day of touring and it was fine.  A couple of hours
later, I 
drove to the local grocery store with no problems.  As Ghod determines 
these things to happen, when I got out of the store (with a gallon of
cream, of course!), the car refused to turn over.

I had the car jumped and she turned right over.  I drove around and bit
the voltage meter was at about 14.  As soon as I turned the car off, 
nothing!   I had the car re-jumped and went out for another drive.
the battery sat happily between 13.5 and 14.

As I was driving, I noticed that when I touched any of the power
(windows, etc.) or the accessory panel (defroster, fogs, etc), the 
everything in the car would flash for a second, then go back to normal.

I'm suspecting a short, but does anyone else have a suggestion?

 Charles S. D. Bryant
 802.865.9974 (Fax)>>