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Re: -- My Battery Exploded!! And Ford reverse wiring...

I thought about the implications of that idea about some Fords being reverse
wired for about one minute after I sent it.  By that time it was too late.

It was an idiotic idea.  Either I was tired from moving or the cabbie put the
battery cables backward on his car when we were trying to jump start the van,
maybe both.  I never thought about it again until the battery explosion story
knocked loose my  false memory.

Just to check, I called FoMoCo to ask.  The answer: Nope.  No "positive
earth" Fords.

Sorry for the confusion.  The van really did look like a Mad Max vehicle,
though!  And I have jump started many cars, as well as substantially repaired
the electrics on my old 4KQ so I know the difference between + and - (I

Best Wishes,

Alex Kowalski 
'86 5KCSTQ
(attempting to extract foot from duodenum)