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An MB for Roger Galvin ...

Another fruitless trip at the weekend - 240 miles each way to Plymouth to look 
at an 'immaculate' Pearlescent White at GBP11250.
It seems that others have a different meaning for 'immaculate':
   Bonnet a different colour from the rest of the car
   Front spoiler not trimmed correctly
   Many paintwork blemishes and scratches
   One patch and one hole in the exhaust
   Both front seat squabs broken
   Radio aerial broken
   Handbrake adjustment broken - new calipers needed
   Wheels scraped
   Front and rear wheel arches rusting at edges
   Different tyres front to rear
   Coolant low
   Non-VAG service history since 17k miles - now 83k and needing service

C'mon, lads - let's have some honest descriptions.  It seems to me that our 
North American friends are a great deal more honest and forthright when 
discussing the state of cars offered for sale than we are in the UK.  There is 
no way on earth that this particular vehicle merits 'immaculate'.

GBP11250 (that's $18000) is a bit over the top for a 1988 car that needs 
GBP2000 spending on a paint job, GBP400 for a new exhaust, GBP300 for two new 
tyres, etc.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club