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Re: '91 200TQ test drive

On Sun, 7 Sep 1997 10:49:28 -0500, Phil Rose wrote:

>>I've read your concerns. The car is complete _cr*p_! Don't touch
>>it!  Just tell me were it's located and I'll make sure they don't
>>bother you again. Hope this warning arrives in time!
>Thanks!! Just in time! I was on another test drive and got your message
>relayed on the cell phone. I abandoned that '91 200TQ--left it deep in a
>ravine in the middle of nowhere  (outside of Boulder CO, I think).
>[ ... ]
>But seriously folks, this 200TQ just spent an overnight at my house. Could
>be a serious relationship developing here.
>BTW, I wonder if any lister (other than DeWitt) might be acquainted with
>this '91 200TQ?
>vin:WAUGE5448MN025440; black :-( with tan interior. From Chicago area.

Begging your pardon, good Sir, but Boulder (20 square miles surrounded
by reality) is distinctly somewhere. We simply haven't elected to be very
specific. And as my transparent ruse has failed, I have no choice but to
wish you and your new mistress a long and happy life. (My brother also
recently fell for the siren song of the '91. He's still married but he's only
been on this fling for a few months so far.) One note of caution, though,
no matter how fine her condition, she's not a cheap date.)

DeWitt Harrison   de@aztek-eng.com
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq