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Re: Headlamp/wiper combo switch repairable?

Thanks to the many listers who have commented. Sorry I
wasn't able to respond to everyone.

I don't mind working with small mechanisms, but having
taken a run at this switch, I would have to answer no to
the question. The switch is not repairable. Unfortunately,
I had already drilled out the rivets and disassembled the
headlamp and emergency flasher switch on/off  layer before
I understood why. (For the record, 4-40 X 1" pan head
machine screws + 4-40 hex lock nuts work perfectly as
rivet replacements.)

As I probably could have seen without taking it apart, there
are a number of brass strips running around the outside of
the assembly which serve as electrical connections between
the connector pin array on the back side and various
switch functions. Unfortunately, these strips have been
spot welded together and swaged to contact pins in ways
which prevent disassembly of the main switch housing
short of mayhem.

In principle, one could drill out tiny spot welds and break contact
pins out of the housing to gain access and, then, reweld
and repair as necessary. Solder would be a no-no (melts
way too easily for such service) as would brazing (plastic
housing meltdown). Then there would be the matter of
actually reconstructing the internal plastic bits that gave
way in the first place. I think one would need to have some
sort of bizarre fascination with pointless mechanical exercises
to go down that road. (Oh, please. No cheap shots about Audi
ownership in general.)

The consensus of the advice I received concurred: buy
a new one or live with the problem. Thanks again,

DeWitt Harrison    de@aztek-eng.com
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq