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85 ur-q antenna and mixture probs resolved

I went with a replacement antenna mast for the OEM
amplified antenna from Antenna World, was P/N 26428,
it now works as good as new (very poorly indeed!).

I also fixed the mixture instability problems, I found
that the wires to the T/FCU and the water temp gauge
sensor were reversed, swapped 'em and all is well now.

Now looking at two new problems:

1) slight loss of power-steering assist only when under
    hard or fast braking -- prolly a weak bomb, any
    other ideas?

2) runs terrible on initial start-up only when stone cold,
    could be a bad warm-up pressure regulator? any
    ideas on this one before I start the ol' swap-till-ya-drop?
    (runs ex after warmed up)

And for a friend:

1) anyone have a phone number for Keith Anderson?

2) how about a non-dealer source for the funky '83 ur-q
    rear brake calipers? (I thought they were the same as
    the 4KQ but I guess not......)


-glen   gpowell@acacianet.com   (NOT on the list)