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RE: 90Q20V: Headlight washers & uncommanded diff. lock

Oops. Sorry, I *should* have mentioned they excess volume <g>, but now
your hair is clean, not to mention your sinuses.
-Ian Duff.
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	From:	Hardwick, Robert C [SMTP:Robert.Hardwick@PSS.Boeing.com]
	Subject:	90Q20V:  Headlight washers & uncommanded diff.

	Ian Duff suggested that maybe I wasn't trying the headlight
washers with
	the lights ON.  Hadn't occurred to me over the summer.  So I
rushed out
	to my car, started her up and leaned out of the open door so
that I
	could look around the front for the telltale spray.  Actuated
the washer
	lever and ... got a complete faceful of windshield washer spray.
	this an event in Monty Python's "Twit of the Year" contest?
BTW, the
	headlight washers worked fine and rereading the manual told me
to turn
	on the lights.  Duh.