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Re: Tail Lights Keep Shorting Out

Andrew Finney wrote:
> This problem is driving me up the wall. My 1983 UrQ eats fuse
> No. 6 for breakfast. Fuse No. 6 feeds the brake lights and the
> emergency flashers (kinda important). It will be OK for a while,
> and then blammo, out it goes. I hooked up an ammeter to the
> fuse position. 3.5A w/ the brake lights, itermittant 9 to 10A w/
> the brakes and the flashers on. Don't answer yet, because the
> fuse blows without the flashers on. So I drove around w/ the
> ammeter hooked up. 3.5A everytime I hit the brakes, nothing
> otherwise. Until one time it blew the internal fuse on the
> Ammeter. I wasn't watching. Funny how you need to keep your
> eyes on the road. I checked the wire routing. Fixed a few poor
> connections in the MAS connector in the left tailight.
> Everything seems OK.
> As a possibly related note, cruise control, which grounds
> through the brake lights, is great, but every-once-in-a-while
> (like every 2 hours of continous driving) it goes bananas and
> lets up on the pedal and then down on the pedal. Could there
> be a bizzare intermittant tailight ground problem? Anyone have
> a BTDT.
> I used to have a problem with the tailights shutting off the
> cruise control and blinking dimly. This was caused by black
> dots on the MAS connector that were actually carbon traces
> right through the spade terminal, negating proper connections.
> Andrew Finney
> 1983 UrQ.
	Check the wires at the trunk hinge on the left side.