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Re: 88 90q Tires, which ones?

J Kurt Bonk <KaBonk@mindspring.com> querried:

     I am looking for new tires for this beast.  Have run Blizaaks on 
     my BMWS for the last few years, but they dont make a M+S.  I was 
     wondering what some of the more northern q owners are using? 
- -- 

Last winter I ordered Yokohama Guardex 600s upon the recommendation of 
q-listers who got snow earlier than I did in southern NH.  I liked 
them a lot.  Sticky in wet, good traction in snow, great stability 
passing across snow berms, reasonable stiffness, and low wear.  They 
have some fiber (nylon?) mixed into the rubber to extend mileage and 
provide a bit of bite.  I haven't tried others with these cars, so I 
can't provide a comparison.  

Rumour has it that alignment is critical to good handling in the snow, 
so I recommend a check up if you want to safely demonstrate to the 
unfortunates (non q-ers) on the highway that snow has little effect on 
your maneuverability (at legal speeds).  Note also that with good 
tires and snow, your measly 130 some horsepower can out accelerate 
almost everyone (excluding more powerful q's).

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