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Re: 4kq battery relocation

In article <9708068736.AA873609552@internet.kronos.com>,
jackr@internet.kronos.com wrote:
> Several emails of late have discussed moving the battery to the
> trunk.  I would vote for putting it under the rear seat, favoring as
> low a center of gravity for the car as possible, vs. favoring weight
> as rearward as possible.

The two problems I see with this are:

1. How do you get there?  I've pulled out the rear seat upholstery
   once (about a year ago), but I don't remember there being any way
   to get underneath it.  Maybe it's easy and I just don't remember.

2. Venting.  You can get batteries with a vent tube, but where do you
   put the end of it?  This also applies for putting it in the trunk.

I've been hoping someone will post a BTDT.

> (I guess the ideal might be under the
> car near your rear differential.)

Hey, why are batteries shaped like a toaster-sized box?  Why aren't
they in some other form, like a pizza box that you might put at the
bottom of the trunk?
['86 Coupe GT]