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RST Performance

Just a note to all my friends.  My sons, Raymond and Stephen, have taken
over the sales and marketing of RST Performance, my performance parts
and safety equipment business (as well as wheel sales) .  They are in
the process of creating a new catalogue with pricing on both the safety
equipment and popular wheels.  As students of business management and
marketing at UNH, they are working at learning the ins and outs of the
automotive industry through the marketing to auto enthusiasts.  If
anyone is interested in getting information from them, you certainly can
email the Mom, (me, the one with the internet access) and I will pass
your name on to the boys.  Thanks for the bandwidth.  I'm very proud and
honored that Raymond and Stephen are taking over the business that was
named for them in 1983.  Thank you. 

Trish Blethen, owner RST Performance