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Re: Help! 4kq hissing sound in 1st, 3rd, 5th.

Luis Marques wrote:
> Ok, this is a weird problem I just discovered on my '87 4kcsq this
> morning and need the colective wisdom of the list to help me figure it
> out.  Whenever the car is moving and the shift lever is in any of the
> forward positions (1st, 3rd, or 5th gear) there is a hissing sound
> comming from what I think is the transmission.  It almost sounds like
> there is sandpaper or something rubbing against a rotating shaft.  It
> may be transmitted thru the selector shaft because whenever I remove the
> ashtray the sound becomes a lot louder.  However, the car is absolutely
> silent in 2nd or 4th gear.  All gears are easy to shift into or out
> off.  Also, lately I have noticed that the ashtray gets unussually hot
> and the heat source seems to be the selector shaft.  Could it be bad
> engine/trany mounts? (please let it be that)  Has anybody else
> experienced these symptoms?  From what I have heard, the transmission in
> these cars is bulletproof so here I'm hoping the problem is external.

I'm thinking a torn shift boot on the push/pull rod.

'87 4kq with no hissing, or more preferable, whistling