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Area C

Just a brief note - Roger Galvin and I drove up to the Area C meeting in 
Stalybridge last night.  Dean has a strong area, with 16 ur-quattros 
attending.  Our route took us up the M1, and then across from Chesterfield 
through Baslow and Chapel-en-le-Frith to Glossop and Mottram.  I think the High 
Peak of Derbyshire is one of my favourite bits of the world - twisty but quite 
fast roads between dry limestone walls.  The uprated lights make a hell of a 
difference.  Sorry to the Renault Megane driver whom I overtook on the outside 
of a 90 degree left bend.  Admiration to the driver of the Nissan Primera 
diesel taxi who held me off for so long on the Glossop-Chapel road.
Saw one very interesting car - a 1984 WR that has been completely gutted and 
rebuilt.  It's just like a new car - not just the bodywork, but every single 
nut and bolt.  It had something I've never seen before, but I'm not an expert 
on the WR.  The wastegate had a double diaphragm made out of a red material - 
I've seen wastegates with double diaphragms before, but usually the stock 
colour.  The wastegate also appeared to be adjustable via a recessed Allen 
screw in the top.  There also appeared to be a sensor T-ed into one of the 
boost lines - is this how the stock WR boost gauge works, or is it something 
else?  Aftermarket oil pressure and boost gauges were fitted, and very neatly.

On the way home, we were pulled up by HM Fuzz on the M1 for 'one headlight 
out'.  They crawled all over the car, checking the tyres, etc., and were 
getting very formal.  I then asked where the first safe pull-off was to fix it, 
and the senior of the two muttered something about not being able to buy bulbs 
'at this time of night' (around 01:30am).  I showed him the legendary spares 
kit and tools, and his manner changed _COMPLETELY_.  "Absolutely, sir, take the 
next exit, turn right and there's a large parking area in 50 yards.  Have a 
safe journey, sir."

And they were gone.  Here's to South Yorkshire Police.

Wasn't a bulb, BTW.  Fuse in the auxiliary harness.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club