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Re: Rear Calipers: ur-q

In a message dated 97-09-08 05:12:57 EDT,
(Phil Payne) writes:

>The change is at 85-D-902500.  Up to that VIN (including
yours) the calipers
>are 437 615 424A (left) and 437 615 423A (right).  After
85-E-900001 they
>853 615 423 (left) and 853 615 424 (left).

>Note that the last three-digit group (423/424) has swapped
sides.  This is 
>highly unusual, and leads me to suspect an error on the

I'm betting the fiche is right, because those calipers were
originally spec'd
for the '80-'83 5000T(maybe your 200). The application listing
on the 5000T
lists the part numbers "correctly" oriented ie: 424 being a RR
caliper. I
can't recall being under an '80 5000t recently, but perchance
might the
mounting positions be reversed on the rotor compared to the
ur-q app? Hence
the same P/N for the calipers, but reversed numbering due to
the mounting
position. Any antique 5000T owners care to comment :)

- -Cheers
Chris Semple
'87 4000q
   '83 TQC
       '83 TQC

Andrew Finney Writes:

I think Chris is right. I was just thumbing through my
Introductory Service Info and they mention that the rear
calipers on the UrQ were taken from the early 5000T and
turned around, requiring a funky parking brake cam.

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ.