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Re: One problem fixed - another appears

t 10:32 AM 9/9/97 -0400, you wrote:
>One problem fixed, now I have another problem.  The turbo problems
>discussed in previous e-mails seem to be behind me.  
>But, the Audi gods aren't done toying with me just yet.
>There is a pin-hole leak in the auxiliary turbo coolant pump very close
>to where rubber hose attaches to it.  Suggestions anyone?

>Would Plumber's epoxy work?  This is a very small hole.  

That or plastic welder by devcon - Wla Mart carries. Won't last forever
though. The piece is very fragile with age - so be careful...

 The Audi goes up for sale if the rack is leaking. 

What year, what model, and how much...  :-)

> I can handle a leaking high pressure hose, but not a rack.

Squeeze the rack boot. Actually, the rack is not that hard to replace. It
took me 6 hours by myself - doing again would take 1/2 the time. Simple hand
tools w/exception of the tie rod tool.

>The car HAD been running fine for a while, but the last six months have
>been real trouble-some.  I've had one problem after another - but - I
>continue to love this car.  
>I'll hire a therapist to discuss my love-hate relationship with my car.

You'ld have lotsa company...
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