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WAH - Weird Audi Happenings

Here is a bazaar one for you;

- 5000tq-'86 had michlin man (intercooler to intake manifold) vacuum leak for
months; marginal hole but did not allow turbo boost.

 - Replaced hose,  regained boost   HOWEVER-- car bucked and spit at anything
approaching one atmosphere and above.   Checked mightily for other vacuum
leaks, found none.  milage down 10%, starting fine.  never an engine light to
draw codes from

- Weeks later,  I experienced a 'pop' that sounded like a backfire into the
intake manifold and, all of a sudden,  the engine started responding properly
to the turbo boost

-  Been fine for days

-  Any clues?  should i wait for other problems or bring'er in to see Otto &
Deiter.  Although you may not realize it from the above, I am a fair backyard
mechanic with a few engine rebuilds under my belt (non - Audi)