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Re: A4 Radio Antenna

On Sep 9, 12:11pm, Leonard S. Reich wrote:
> Subject: A4 Radio Antenna
> The FM radio reception in my A4 is rather poor, and I attribute it to the
> antenna, which as I understand it serves also as the rear-window defogger.
> Does anyone know whether it is possible to mount and connect up to a
> standard exterior antenna?  Is this likely to help? Thanks.  Lenny Reich

I'm going to make a WAG (a crazy guess) here, and say that no, it's
not likely to help.  The FM section of these radios is horrible.
Look at the relative signal strength indication that Julio told us
how to get at (hold the "1" button while turning the radio on).
I find that the reception is poor even for signals that register
high relative strenghts.  I think the radio just has poor
multipath rejection and selectivity, and the audio quality of
the detector is pretty mediocre.

On the postive side, the radio fits the dash opening well and
looks pretty...

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q