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Radio Wiring Harness (2)

     Hi Q-listers,
     As I said in my previous message, I'm looking for the "wiring harness" 
     to connect my new aftermarket CD/Receiver unit (Nakamichi CD-7), and I 
     DON'T want to cut the original/OEM main wiring harness.  (Well, I just 
     want to make my life a little bit more easy.  At least, I can save my 
     brain & energy to solve other Audi's problems.  :)  )
     BTW, I saw one of us had already posted it here before, but I couldn't 
     find it.  (Dan: pls try it w/ the Keyword: Crutchfield+radio+harness.  
     Humm...I got the very old archives since 95-96 and few of them from 97, 
     but none has the info I want.)  So I'm re-posting it here, again.  The 
     followings are Part No:
        - 120701759 (Receiver Wiring Harness Kits) $9.00
        - 100VWADAPT (Factory Antenna Adapter) $10.00
     (Their shipping charge--to anywhere in the main land, is a flat 
     Anyway, pls check it first w/ the Crutchfiled's Tech Assistant (800-955 
     9094) if these parts would fit to your car.  Also, they could take the 
     order from you while you're on the phone w/ them.  (I was very 
     impressed by the professional service & knowledge of the Tech staff.)
     Good luck,
     '89-90 non-q (69+K miles)
     Internet: achoeypatkul@unicef.org
     Disclaimer: as usual.  (Also, my cat doesn't even want to share his