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re: dist. cap/rotor in '91 200q 20v

Has anyone replaced their dist. cap and rotor on the 20v turbo?  Man, what a
bear.  No room to work, there's a dust shield that won't stay put under the
cap, and of course one of the plug wires ends popped off (with no pulling
etc: bad crimp at the end).  Is there a special tool to refasten the clips
that hold on the dist cap?  My hands are not strong enough, and I can't get
anything in there to help.  I ended up torqueing the cap towards the bottom
clip enough to get it fastened, then put a small loop of copper wire into the
clip on top and yanked with pliers.  Then, once fastened, I cut the wire and
fished out the end.  Seemed to work...after a couple hours of swearing and
trying other things.

How do you remove the rotor?  It seems to be epoxied on: I seem to remember
someone saying to crush it off:  How do you do that?  I couldn't figure it
out and ended up leaving the old one on for now.

My dist is also making that noise... but it is riveted on.  If I drill out
the rivet, how do I replace it?  

Thanks in advance: my simple maintenance wasn't.  However, I did figure out
why my pads light went on today:  a wire for the front pad sensor broke.  5
minute fix, done while rotating my tires.

chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com
1am and done (with the car running again).  I need a beater so that I don't
have to stay up until I'm done with repairs!