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Value of '86 4K CS Quat, help! Update one.

>    I need some help with the value of my 86' 4000CS Quattro.  And help
>finding a new 86 or 87 4K Q.  preferably red or silver.

>    Mine was rear ended, and the insurance company for the guy who hit >me
only wants to give me $3800 for it.  They say it was totaled with >$5100
damage.  I can't find a comparable car here in Colorado.  I have >found
non-functional junk or hail damage for $4000.  

>    Can anyone help me with some comparable recent prices, to show this
>insurance company. Mine was a beautiful red 86 with 132K miles, power
>everything. (and most of it worked.)  
>cloth seats, air, cruse, pwr sun roof, pwr windows, pwr locks, pwr
>mirrors. etc.

>I got this car (a steal) from a not so little, not so old lady, (a
>sister) who rarely finds the courage to drive over 45 mph, and >maintained
it well. 

>Thanks, John Sparkman 

The experience with the insurance company for the guy (a business truck),
who rear ended me, has been a nightmare.  

First - American Family Insurance Co. told me that they would supply me a
4x4 rental until my car was repaired.  (The agent for the insured, gave the
approval.)  I live on the steepest road in Boulder County.  A mountain road
that after leaving Boulder (at about 5600 ft) in the first 5 miles only
climbs about 4 or 500 feet, then my road climbs from about 6100ft to 7800ft
in the first 3 miles. I have also had over 2 ft of snow on Sept 2 before,
and I live off the road.

Then, 5 days after getting a 4X4 rental, I received a call from American
Family Insurance Co., DEMANDING that I return this (Pathfinder) rental,
which I did.  They then proceeded to tell me that they would only pay me
$20/Day for a rental. 
Now, I was also injured in this accident, on Sept 19, lower back and hip,
and have seen my doctor.  I am self employed so this is an extra burden.
Here and in Colorado, my insurance company (a good one) covers my medical
and losses, and when the medical expenses reach $2500, then, presumably,
American Family Insurance Co. would be on the hook.

Yesterday I was told that they would only give me $3200 and I could keep
the car.  (Which I never said I wanted to do.) I wanted to know how much
they (American Family Insurance Co.) would give me to compensate me for the
car, and they couldn't tell me. My file is now being handled by a 3rd
person, who is going to handle the totol loss adjustment.

Today, Sept 10,  I am to receive the comparable values, for 4KQ's in the
area. I've seen most of them, and they are mostly parts cars with hail
damage.  Should be interesting.  

Thanks for all your help!, 
I have received some great comps and a lot of supportive suggestions. John
4KCS~~Q~~~  damaged right rear.