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Re: installing fog lights on a 4kcsq

Paul:  I just put the Hella XLs on my '91 200TQ.  What a difference!  You
can get everything you need at Pep Boys or Checker, including a standard
(horn) relay, toggle switch, 14 Gauge wire, crimp-on lugs as required by the
switch and relay.  I ran the primary power from the jumping terminal under
my hood (battery  is under back seat) to the relay 'main'.  Now you need to
hook up the switch to the relay activating lug.  I started by using one of
those plastic jobs that enables you to join two wires without cutting (i.e.
it just pierces the insulation of both wires and holds them.  So, use this
to attach a wire to one of your city or parking lights (hot side).  Run the
wire to your dash switch and from the switch back to the relay activating
terminal.  This enables you to turn the driving lights on or off any time
you have any headlights on, but they never stay on if you turn your
headlights off.  Power the driving lights with the relay output and connect
the driving light drains to a good ground.  By the way, Hella sells a
mounting kit that basically works like a wall anchor and saves you from
getting inside the bumper.

Good luck:
Ralph Poplawsky

At 10:26 PM 9/8/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>  I just picked up a set of Hella fogs from a friend, and need some
>tips/advice on installing them on my 87 4kcsq (I don't have any
>instructions, hella's web page is awful). Can I wire these up so they'll
>just come on with the headlights (low beams)? If so, how? Any concerns
>about fuse size, wire size, fire extinguisher size that I need to know
>about? Will this kind os stuff put my alternator into unhappy mode?
>87 4kcsq lighting up the earth
>86 4kcsq lighter than ever now that I pulled the engine/tranny. Parts
>still available!