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Re: AoA has ruined the new A6 -Reply

I agree.  From the very first picture I saw of it, I though it was ugly.  Of
course I never really like the TT show cars either.  One of the main things
I've like about Audi's, has been the traditional, classy design.  The new
A6 will not be on my shopping list.  I hope they at least leave the A4 alone!
I feel the same about the new Passat.  I just read an article that said it
was an improvement over the previous models "boxy" styling.  The new
Passat looks like an overwieght, cheesy Corolla.  Yuk!
I guess I like boxes...

Ed Kellock ........... Greenville, SC
91 200qw ........... 87 Coupe GT