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RE: C-GT clutch slave cylinder removal???

	Don't know if this will get to you before you finish the clutch
job, but here it is anyways...

	The coupe should be similar to the 4kq.  The slave is held in
with a roll pin.  There is also
	a piece of wire, similar to welding rod, that goes through the
roll pin, and acts like a spring
	safety of sorts.  Remove this then remove the roll pin.  The
slave can then be tapped out.
	I believe it has ears that you can pry off of if necessary.  To
remove the roll pin,   I use an
	appropriately size pin punch, in a socket, on an extension, out
throught the tierod area
	and smack it with a mallet.

	As for the tie rod/rack assembly.  As you've probably found, you
can't get the tie rods off
	just by removing the nuts from their through bolts.  (The bolts
are actually studs pressed
	into a plate.  Similar to the ball joint mountings.)  There
isn't enough clearance in the
	bracket to remove the studs/plate.  Instead, you need to remove
the tie rod bracket from
	the steering rack.  Remove the two nuts from below, and then
remove the bolts.  The rack
	is normally threaded, so I wouldn't impact the bolts until you
have the nuts off...


Stott Hare
Application Developer
Policy Administration Team


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> Subject:	C-GT clutch slave cylinder removal???
> OK,
> I'm trying to get my clutch done this weekend.  Getting the tranny
> out,
> and:
> I got the downpipe out, the subframe off, the front engine support
> reversed, the shifter removed, the tie rod bracket (sorta) removed,
> the
> driveshafts disconnected, the starter removed, and the driver side
> support bracket removed.
> How does the slave cylinder come out?  I can't feel_ANY_bolt or nut
> around there, and I can't see very well.
> It doesn't seem like the same setup as the slave cylinder I had in my
> hand that I returned to the vendor.  That one had two holes along it's
> side for bolts to attached it to the bellhousing/tranny area.  I can't
> feel a thing!
> Looks like it's just the bellhousing bolts, however I get the tie rod
> thing out (got the nuts off, but the bolts don't seem to wanna move),
> and the clutch slave cylinder, and I can drop the tranny.
> Help!
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> Regards,
> Ken
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