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Audi God's Vengeance!!

Good morning Audi listers,
	In DC it is a great Audi day, heavy rain.  I will definately enjoy the
driving this afternoon, but I have a story to share with all.  Hopefully
this will help the rest of us understanding that our Audis have feelings too.
	Last Saturday a few of us were looking forward to our first autocross that
Sunday.  There were three of us going: '94 Mustang GT, '98 30v A4Q, and my
'87 5000CS TQ.  As my other Audi friend and I were going over ouw cars (as
all Audi owners should adorn their automobiles at least once a week).  I
made a stupid coment as I sat down in his A4.  I said I wish I would be
autocrossing his car tomorow.  Well, my beloved Audi was only about 20 feet
away, well within ear shot.  
	On Sunday we all went to the location of the autocross, ready to try it
out.  My car was doing well, until I was about to register.  My Audi
figured tat since I'd rather be racing the A4, he would give me the
opportunity.  A hole about the size of Alaske blew out of the radiator
while the car was sitting still!  I was able to partake in the autocross,
but it was in the Mustang.  I am grateful to my friend, but pissed at
myself for the comment.
	I hope this will help the rest of te Audi owners be aware of the feelings
of your car(s).  Remember, the Audi Gods are always watching over their