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Re: AoA has ruined the new A6

I'd say I have to  agree.  Even though the A6 looks like a Honda, it still
isn't.  I've always disliked the looks of the 911, but I want to someday
own one, because of te quality of the car.  Besides, this is such a
selective audience you are talking to here, I think most of us would still
but an Audi if it only came in primer grey with cellophane light covers.
Remember, looks are only sheet metal deep.

'87 5kCSQT

At 08:06 AM 9/10/97 -0600, Ralph Poplawsky wrote:
>At 08:11 AM 9/10/97 -0400, Andrew wrote:
>>I'm glad someone else here thinks the new A6 is so fugly as to be
>>an abomination. So much for the new model driving down the price
>>of the used older models. No one would buy such a beast. :-(
>>My take on it is that someone left it in the paint-drying oven too
>>long, and it sorta melted.
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>>Only my cat shares my opinions, and she's comparatively good-looking.
>Well, I don't have a cat, so I will share my opinions with the list.  I
>agree that the new A6 looks quite 'different'.  However, I think we should
>reserve judgement until we can see the car in 3-D and drive it.  After all,
>it is really how it looks, feels and goes from the drivers seat that
>matters.  And if you think people won't buy it, then I give you the dorF
>suruaT.  How do you explain all of those sales??  BTW, if you do get past
>the looks, driving the dorF should scare you away.
>Ralph Poplawsky
>'91 200TQ