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Hairy green toads from Mars made Ti Kan say:

> > Now two people have posted the news post from Audi about their
> > 1998 model prices (etc) and I am left feeling confused.  I thought that
> > the 30v A4 WAS the 1998 model, yet the news post indicates things
> > such as new radio, variable intermittant wipers, "atomsphere"
> > interiors etc - which I did not think came with the current 30v
> > models(?)  So is there a 1998.2 version of the 30v?  If so, when?

Probably a good time to point out that basically all Audis (and
VWs) can be upgraded to the programmable variable intermitent
wipers for less than $30 and a trip to your VW dealer to get the
Passat Programmable Wiper Relay.

I have this in both my Qs and love it to death.


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