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Re: AoA has ruined the new A6

At 09:23 AM 9/10/97 -0700, Ti Kan wrote:
>Actually, I think the new A6 is quite a stunner as far as the styling
>goes.  However, a big part of that styling statement is in the lower
>black trim that runs along the side skirts, and so boldly arch upwards
>at each end, forming the cutlines of the bumper covers.  Making that
>body color ("for American tastes") is a big mistake.
>The styling is pretty dramatic (for an Audi), but it retains all
>the classic Audi cues while being futuristic at the same time.
>It reminds me of the 1984 introduction of the first "aero" Audi 5000,
>whose styling was so stunningly different than anything else at
>the time...
>If anyone at AOA is listening...  We buy Audis not because we have
>"American tastes".  If that were so, I would be driving a (gasp) Buick.
>Please, please do not make the same mistake that has been made so
>many times in the past... Ship us the Euro versions as they are.
>We like 'em that way.
>96 A4 2.8 quattro
>84 5000S 2.1 turbo
>80 4000 2.0

I wholeheartedly agree.  I really like the new A6's styling.  The rear
looks a little funny from some angles, but all I've ever seen are pictures
of it.  I really think we all need to see it in person, or maybe even DRIVE
it before we condemn it.  Really, though...the 5000 is/was not a beautiful
car, but it sure does drive nicely.  That's where the real magic is!

- Josh Pinkert
- flush@radix.net