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RE: Manual Transmission ID?

> > Fairly generic and easy question me thinks. How does one identify the
> > transmission code/mode/number on an '86 5KCSTQ. I'm sure it is stamped
> > somewhere but where?
> Usually on a sticker in the boot (trunk) - usually on the right, sometimes up 
> under the parcel shelf.  Occasionaly on the lid.
Phil is correct that the sticker will indicate the tranny/rear diff that 
was originally installed on the car.  My experience is that the sticker 
may not match the tranny that is actually installed in the car ...

Bentley tells you exactly where the stamping on the tranny housing is ...
my recollection is that it is on the front of the bellhousing above the 
cast window that allows the timing mark to be viewed on the flywheel.  
I usually lean over the left front quarter panel near the hood hinge to 
view the mark ...


Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
with a blowed up '87 5kCSQ with a sticker that says AES/AET and a tranny 
that says something else ...