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Re: '86 5ktq price?

On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, wallace david wrote:

> The local audi dealer is selling a 86 5ktq with 140,000. Car seems to
> be mint although i havn't driven it. they want 6k wich seems high to me.
> Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
> thanks 
> Dave Wallace
Better be quite the minter. An '86 tq seems around $4k for a nice one- and
I've seen one (in need of a windshield and AC work) otherwise, a pearl
white beauty (with sport seats yet!) for $1300. Sold that day though. $6k
will usually buy an '89 200 around here (Tucson AZ). Incidentally, mine
(87 5kt) though not a q, was likely the nicest condition I've ever seen
when I paid $4200 for it in Jan 1996... though the fellow started out
asking $10,500 18 months before.