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Re: Hello all.... New Audi Owner...alt belt

>Over the last 2 1/2 months, I have dont the following to my 87 4KCSQ:
>Altenator belt ( Should it have been that hard? Sigh.... )

No, it shouldn't, though I think I still have a spare belt from the dealer, 
who insisted it was the right one, and don't come back complaining that it 
didn't fit, etc.  I can't get it on.  You must be a better man than I and 
have gotten it on!

Go buy a Gage (I think that's the name?) belt, which has little notches all 
around on the inside.  Put it around your flywheel and as far over the 
alternator pully as you can, which will be further at one of the notches.  
Turn your alternator pully to finish poping the belt on.  (I can't remember 
if I do this by hand or by briefly turning over the engine.)  You don't 
even have to loosen/adjust any bolts.  Takes about a minute.  After 
verifying that the belt fits, go back into the store and buy a spare.  Keep 
your dealer spare as a permanent reminder not to get your belts there.

Jack Rich