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Brake system warning on first start.

2 out of the last 4 times I have taken the car to work lately after about 2 
minutes of driving the red brake system check light comes on stays there for 
about 1 minute then goes out and doesn't return.  The second start of the day 
~ 9 hours later doesn't get the alarm.
There doesn't seem to be any relationship between steering or brake use and 
those systems feel normal.
I checked the resevoir and the level was fine..~ 1/4" down from full but thats 
it. There doesn't seem to be any leaks either.

So do I have a serious developing problem? Or a check function fault?

On a note of pure driving pleasure..
On the way to piking up my car pool this morning, on a tight twisty 2nd and 
third gear road with the boost staying up WOW this was fun,  With the Turbo 
bypass and Schrapknell Knobben (R) at 16 psig, the H&R and turbo boge and the 
Dunlop SP8000 everything felt just right, instant response "springing" out of 
the corners whee! (and faster than my Corrado G60 with 190 BHP lowered with 
Bilstein sports),  I may have to let the wife take the kids in the Corrado 
more often....

86 5000 CD Quattro
311,000 km