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10VT engine differences

Hi All!

Excuse my ignorance, but were there any differences between the 10VT
motors that went in the '85 UrQ and those that were in the same year 5k
turbos?  I've heard that the UrQ had a different cylinder head and
intake, but the bottom end was the same.  The reason I ask, is that I
was offered a complete engine out of an '85 UrQ for a pretty good price.
I know about the water cooled turbo not a part of this motor (as opposed
to the '86 - '88 1/2 motors), but I was wondering if there were any
differences in the engines between those models.  TIA!

-mark nelson

'90 s2 (building for scca pro rally)
'85 4ktq (10vt transplant in the works)