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Re: AoA has ruined the new A6

At 07:12 PM 9/10/97 -0700, Eliot Lim wrote:
>not only have they royally f***ed up the dramatic effect of the bumpers
>they have also softened the suspension for US tastes.  that is also
>horrid if the regularly suspended A4 is anything to go by.

I am against 'softening' Audis in any way.  Refining them is one thing, but
I don't want a cadillac ride.  I don't know about the new A6, but I
wouldn't describe the A4 as soft.  It is compliant, but road feel is still
transmitted.  Body roll is extremely well controlled...which can't be said
for the 5000 or the 90q (which I have first hand experience with).  I think
they hit the nail on the head, though, by offering a sport suspension
option on the '98s.  Those who want a more responsive suspension can get it
at an affordable price.  Maybe the A6 will have something like this as well
(if we speak up?).

I'm not too sure how the Euro A6 and US A6 differ in appearance.  I haven't
seen enough pictures.  But it sounds like the US A6 went down the route of
a 'sportier' appearance.  If you compare the pictures of the A4 and the S4,
you'll see that the S4 has painted rockers and lower bumpers.  I love the
way the S4 looks...I just might have to trade up for one (biturbo only, of

- Josh Pinkert
- flush@radix.net