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Freebie Sticker Offer From a Clueless Old Fogey

A German correspondent with whom I exchange automotive sales
literature sent me a couple of window stickers pertaining to a contest
sponsored by Audi.  I'm possibly treading on thin ice here revealing my
ignorance of contemporary popular culture.  Since I have no idea who
this person is or what these stickers are about, I'll quote my friend:
  >> . . . an Audi sticker reading Das Gesicht '97 (The Face '97); it is
  a contest for coming Elle MacPhersons and their male counterparts
  sponsored by Audi.  If you want to take part in it, you should directly
  contact the company in Ingolstadt, otherwise you should glue the 
  sticker onto your back window and wait what questions people will
  ask you.<<

The stickers are round, four inches in diameter, predominantly black
and silver with a touch of red and white.  They show . . . a woman's
face.  The Audi rings and logo are present.  I have two stickers.  I'll send
them to the first two listers who contact me with their mailing
addresses.  Any takers?  Anyone care to explain to this clueless old
fogey what Audi is sponsoring?

'85 4KSQ
'89 F250 4x4 diesel
'95 Z28