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RE: ANS and the future of the list

I'd be willing to put up some cash.  The list has saved me bunches 'o
money and provided lots of technical info (some of it even about Audis
and cars)

Frank Stadmeyer

>From: 	Dan Simoes[SMTP:dans@ans.net]
>Sent: 	Thursday, September 11, 1997 9:48 AM
>To: 	audi_mail@mailexcite.com
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>Subject: 	Re: ANS and the future of the list
>Nick kindly suggests:
>> Why dont you set up a donation pool to keep it going "On it's own Turf" How
>> do you need if it is a money problem or is it mostly a time problem either
>>way I
>> am sure there is a solution 
>That is certainly one of the things I've been considering.
>To elaborate a bit on my plans, I am hoping to turn it into a 
>fee-based service, hopefully a one time fee, with the remainder
>of costs being covered by advertising and other sources.
>Some of you grumbled in the survey I took a few months ago
>about not wanting to ever pay for the list.  Look at it this
>way - how much have you saved by getting parts from a vendor
>you heard about on the list?  How much grief have you saved 
>knowing that a certain dealer sucks?  And how glad were you
>to find a source of information and experts that can answer
>most tech questions?
>Granted, not everyone is interested in knowing how to change a 
>timing belt on a 84 4ksq.  Others don't have the money to buy
>a 98 A4 and then go blow another $5000 on tuning parts - those
>folks are heading over to Jet's site, or maybe AudiCar.
>My goal is to turn the list into a type of online club, where 
>there is something for everyone, with enough bang for the
>buck where if it does cost you $20-30/yr to belong, you
>would never once question the value (unlike other Audi clubs...)
>Archives, multiple lists, better web pages with detailed tech
>writeups, product reviews, etc.  When I say advertising, I mean
>banners and things like that.  I will NOT turn this into 
>European Car ("product of the month" - see ad on page 12).
>To do all this, I first need a domain (got it) but I need to know
>that AoA is not going to swoop in and shut it down at some
>point because of trademark violations or something similar, as
>was the case with the Audi Club of America (so they tell me).
>Once I have a domain, I need to set a machine, get an internet
>connection that is up all the time and large enough to carry
>all this traffic.  Just to give an idea of costs, we're talking
>$10-15000 in hardware, and about $600-800 a month for the
>connection.  It is doable, and I am still trying to make
>it all come together.
>Hang in there a bit longer - I realize that I've been promising 
>and promising, but it will all come together.  Meanwhile, 
>carry on as always!
>| Dan |
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