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Re: automatic coupe

Huw Powell wrote:

> I was "browsing" at a local breaker yard (FART) and saw an 84-85 or so
> coupe with an automatic.  They want $700 for the whole car.  It's black,
> or should I say, flat black, electronic dash, no radio, a couple of
> lights up front busted, grey cloth interior.

If it had the electronic dash, it was either an '86 or '87.  1986 was the
first year for the electronic dash in the coupes.

> They also had a customer's coupe they've been sitting on waiting for
> payment for a couple of years for $1000.  An '85 I think, again, in flat
> black, with worn red leather interior.

The red leather would mean that the coupe was the Commemorative Edition
Coupe from 1986.  See Eric Fluhr's Coupe Specs website for more info on the
CE Coupe and all coupes and Coupe GT from 1981 to 1987 at

** God Bless! **
Rick H. Louie
1984 Coupe GT - Zermatt Silver, 130K, New Custom FF Exhaust