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Re: M3-bashing S4 - Performance Specs

At 08:35 AM 9/11/97 -0700, Sean Douglas wrote:
>Autocar (British mag) has a news brief about the new S4. 
>Specs are as follows; 265 HP twin-turbo 2.7 litre V6 with 295 lb.ft of
>torque. Top speed is 155 mph (limited), 0-100 km/h (62 mph) is 5.6 sec.
>The 5 valve V6 mated to a 6 speed transmission is due to replace the
>venerable 2.2 litre turbo.
>Ride height is lowered 20 mm, firmer springs and dampers, upgraded
>brakes and a differential lock that works to speeds of up to 50 mph.
>Other features are xenon headlamps and 17 in 6 spoke alloys. UK pricing
>is rumoured to be 36,000 pounds. ($57,000 US).
>As far as raw HP, its still short of the euro M3 (321 HP), but more than
>North America's M3 (240 hp, even though up here in Canada we got the 280
>hp version for a couple of years). I hope that Audi brings it to our
>shores as is (euro-spec).
>I want one! Sweet dreams....

I want one also.  I e-mailed AoA about the demand for a full-disco S4 this
morning because of the rumors of a single turbo'd S4 hitting the US shores.

Concerning the M3's, keep in mind how important torque is.  The 240hp and
321hp WMB motors may be strong, but not as torquey as this 30V bitrubo
motor is.  That 295 lb/ft of torque is available from 1850 rpm to 3600 rpm.
 This gives the S4 much more flexibility.

- Josh Pinkert
- flush@radix.net