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Door security

Is there an after market device that prevents pond-life from opening the
doors by sliding a 'hook' between the window glass and rubber and
thereby pulling the bowden bar opening the door?  Having had the S4
Avant broken into twice in the past month :-(, both times with no signs
of forced entry, I can only assume that this is the easiest way into an
Audi. The last time, snapping the bowden bar and dislodging the
window/motor connection.

I have now reverted back to the Clifford Concept 50 alarm/immobiliser
with internal and external proximity sensors. I also have had security
film fitted to the main 4 windows that prevents any entry through a
broken window. (The film/glass can be pushed out from the inside). I've
also had a Toad Eye camera installed that will take 12 digital photos
whilst the alarm is sounding. This is a 9mm lens mounted in the overhead
console.  It is an ultrawide angle covering both front seats.

I also have *two* different locking wheel nuts per wheel to protect the
Porsche 17" cup alloys.

Call me paranoid........:-)