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Re: ANS and the future of the list

     I've no problem with paying for the list but I do question how 
     advertising would be controlled? I don't particularly like long 
     signatures, and seeing constant advertising in someone's signature 
     would be a PITA. I would be totally against spam type advertising 
     except from Ross Espisito 'cause that was kind of fun :^)
     If people require parts/service from vendors on the list go ahead and 
     post to the list BUT handle it off line by private email? It's worked 
     well up to now. 
     I really appreciate the technical threads, even on cars that I'll  
     never own, I wish all the success to sites like audicar.com but can 
     see the day when they will focus on only new Audi cars with all the 
     hype, bribery and BS that goes with new products. Me I'll always be at 
     least one generation behind and find the quattro list in its present 
     format, even with the periods of low SNR, invaluable.
     It will be interesting to see how paid up list members will handle 
     threads like Nascar, Princess Di and the Quattro Club..... 
     Now does anyone have an opinion on using synthetic oil? :)
     Regards, Mike